Theresa May’s offer to Eurosceptic MPs of a backstop veto is not what it seems
Independent - Thu 6 Dec 17:22 GMT

Theresa May’s offer to Eurosceptic MPs of a backstop veto is not what it seems

Analysis: As the PM tries to talk round Brexiteers, chief political commentator John Rentoul looks at why this latest attempt to force through her deal probably won’t work

  Brexit threatens life on the Irish border: in pictures 1/15 John Murphy flies the European flag outside his home near the border village of Forkhill, Co Armagh Reuters 2/15 An abandoned shop is seen in Mullan, Co Monaghan.

  Mullan has seen some regeneration in recent years, but faces an uncertain future with Brexit on the horizon Reuters 3/15 Mervyn Johnson owns a garage in the border town of Pettigo, which straddles the counties of Donegal and Fermanagh.

  ‘We just got used to it [the hard border] really but now that it’s gone, we wouldn't like it back again’ Reuters 4/15 Farmer Gordon Crockett’s Coshquin farm straddles both Derry/Londonderry in the North and Donegal in the Republic.

  ‘If there was any sort of obstruction it would slow down our work every day’ Reuters 5/15 A defaced ‘Welcome to Northern Ireland’ sign stands on the border in Middletown, Co Armagh Reuters 6/15 Potter Brenda McGinn stands outside her Mullan, Co Monaghan, studio – the former Jas Boylan shoe factory which was the main employer in the area until it shut down due to the Troubles.

  ‘Now this is a revitalised, old hidden village’ Reuters 7/15 Union Flag colours painted on kerbstones and bus-stops along the border village of Newbuildings, Co Derry/Londonderry Reuters 8/15 Grass reflected in Lattone Lough, which is split by the border between Cavan and Fermanagh, seen from near Ballinacor, Northern Ireland Reuters 9/15 Donegalman David McClintock sits in the Border Cafe in the village of Muff, which straddles Donegal and Derry/Londonderry Reuters 10/15 An old Irish phone box stands alongside a bus stop in the border town of Glaslough, Co Monaghan Reuters 11/15 Billboards are viewed from inside a disused customs hut in Carrickcarnon, Co Down, on the border